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Baxendale Family
Baxendale History


Baxendale Family

This part of the Baxendale family is from Liverpool, UK

Baxendale Tree

Baxendale Family

Baxendale History

Richard Baxendale (1848-) Richard Baxendale was born c 1848 in Fleetwood, Lancashire1. In 1868 Richard married Mary Braidwood, the eldest daughter of John Braidwood and Mary McKinsey (nee Hesketh), in Liverpool2. Their first son, John Baxendale, was born the following year.

My first tracing of Richard Baxendale, so far, is the 1871 census, when he was already married to Mary Braidwood, working as a butcher and living at 29 Currie Street, Liverpool with Mary and their sons John B Baxendale aged 2, and Henry Baxendale aged 4 months.

Also in the 1871 census is Richard Baxendale age 70 or 78 and his wife Nanny, living at 3 Back Wilbraham Street in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool. This Richard Baxendale is described as father-in-law, born in Leyland, and is living with John and Mary Bullen and their children3. I wonder if this Richard Baxendale is related?

In 1881 however, Richard and Mary Baxendale are living at 6 Wilbraham Street, Liverpool with their children John, Henry, Mary, Annie, William and Thomas B Baxendale. Richard, now 33, is a warehouseman, born Fleetwood3. I do not know at which warehouse Richard worked, but Wilbraham Street is not far from Scotland Road and the Everton district of Liverpool, so was not far from the leather and hide works of Thomas Carter Salthouse.

Ten years later, in the 1891 census, Richard and Mary Baxendale are still living at 6 Wilbraham Street. Richard's occupation in unclear but begins with "clerk to the....". All the children are still unmarried and living at home; the eldest boys, John B and Henry Baxendale are both employed as clerks at Marine Insurance and the youngest boy of working age, William, is clerk [to] general brokers. 

By 1891 Richard Baxendale and his sons were all employed as bookkeepers in Liverpool. Richard and Mary, together with their unmarried children Mary, Annie, William and Thomas B Baxendale, were living at 173 Walton Lane, Liverpool. It seems that the family were still living there within a few years of 1910 as Janet Salthouse wrote (but did not post) a postcard to them at that address.



Richard Baxendale (1848-)

1    As Richard Baxendale, census, age 33, head, married, warehouseman, born Fleetwood, living at 6a Wilbraham Street, Liverpool LDS 1881 census

2    As Richard Baxendale m Mary Braidwood, March Q 1868, Liverpool 8b 241

3    As Richard Baxendale, census, age 33, head, married, warehouseman, born Fleetwood, living at 6a Wilbraham Street, Liverpool, 1881 census





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