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Ellery Family
Ellery History


Ellery History

This part of the Ellery family is from Liverpool, UK

 Ellery Tree

Ellery Family

Ellery History

William Ellery was born in the Bodmin area of Cornwall in 1837/8. We know very little about his early life except that he is likely to be the William Ellery living at 89 Fore Street, Bodmin in 1841, with his older brother, or possibly a cousin, Nicholas Ellery, and their aunt, Elizabeth Ellery, a shoe binder. Ten years later the two boys were still living with their aunt and with William Bray, who appears to have been their aunt's brother.

William Ellery married Grace Warburton some time in 1859/60 and their first son, John, was born in West Derby in 1860. At the time of the census in 1861 William was employed as a Customs Officer. In due course the family increased with the addition of Amelia, John, Harriet, Alfred and Grace. Amelia married John Ralston and their daughter, Maud, was my grandmother. Grace married Harry Nuttall and they had at least one child, Henry Nuttall, who was born in about 1902.

Clothes making in some form or other seemed to be an inherent trade (although grandfather Ellery was always an outdoor Customs Officer). Grace Warburton was a stay maker in her teens, their daughter Grace was an excellent dressmaker, and Amelia's daughter, also called Amelia but known as Millie, was a milliner.

William Ellery's eldest daughter, Amelia, married the man-next-door when both families lived in Grampian Street in the Kensington part of Liverpool. John Ralston was about ten years older than Amelia and appears to have had a very quick temper. In his will he left all of his money and property to his sister, Ann Jane Ralston, and Amelia was left with nothing. Fortunately, with the assistance of her brother-in-law, Henry Nuttall, who was a local councillor, Amelia was able to get a council house on Shellingford Road, Liverpool, which she shared with her children Albert, Amelia (Millie) and Doris, who looked after her the will had been a great shock to her and her health suffered as a result.

Whilst we don't know much about William Ellery's early life and his parents, we do know for certain that

  • he was not the son of Richard Ellery and Susan Harris - their son William, although of a similar age, is a different person
  • he was married to Grace Warburton. It was a different William Ellery who married Thomasina Bullock
  • his son, John Ellery, born in November 1860, is the son of William and Grace Warburton and was born in Liverpool. There is another John Ellery of the same age, but he is the son of the William and Thomasina who stayed in Cornwall.

All this information is available on the census returns (and backed up with purchased bmd certificates).

Please remember that the information on this website is only accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any of the information is relevant to your own research, please double-check the sources.

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