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Hartigan Family
Hartigan History


Hartigan Family

This part of the Hartigan family is from Salford, UK

 Hartigan  Tree

Hartigan Family

Hartigan History


Individual members of the Hartigan family (in family tree order)

Thomas Hartigan (<1838>) Thomas Hartigan lived in Co Limerick, Ireland where he was a farmer. He was named as the father of Martin Hartigan and Hannah Hartigan and possibly of a James Hartigan. We don't know anything else about Thomas at the moment.
Martin Hartigan (1838-1870) This is David's great grandfather. According to the census records, Martin Hartigan, son of Thomas Hartigan, was born in Ireland in approx 1838. Martin married Margaret Howe in Chorlton-on-Medlock (Manchester) in 1870, there is no trace of any children. In 1871 Martin and Margaret were living in Salford.

By 1877 Martin is associated with Margaret Renshaw née Joynt and they have four children that we know of: Martin, Henry, Annie/Hannah and Joseph. It is unlikely that Martin and Margaret Renshaw (nee Joynt) ever married, either Martin's first wife was still alive or, very likely, they simply couldn't afford the expense. Martin generally worked as a corporation pavior or excavator, Margaret and her eldest son John (from her first marriage) were hawkers. Martin Hartigan died in 1890 as the result of injuries sustained when he fell onto a pavement.

Martin Hartigan (1877-1898) Martin Hartigan and Margaret Joynt's first son was also called Martin, born 25 January 1877 in Salford. We know very little about Martin's childhood except that the family lived in Siever Street, a very poor and very rough area of Pendleton, Salford. 

By 1890 both of Martin's parents had died and it is thought, from family stories, that he and his brother Henry were taken in by the St Joseph Industrial School, Eccles. This has not been proved yet, but in 1891 his brother Henry was at St Joseph Industrial School in Chorlton on Medlock (Ardwick) whilst Martin was visiting Mr and Mrs Askley at 55 Markendale Street, Ordsall, Salford.

On 9 March 1898 Martin was killed when he was kicked by a horse in Salford. Martin was working for the carter and had just taken the horse into the stables on St James Street (Ordsall) when noises were heard from inside the stable. Martin was found to have died from injuries to the head caused by the kicking of the horse. He had been living with his stepbrother, Thomas Hartigan, at the time in Ordsall






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