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Bill Belton with other patients at the mountain hospital in India

India This picture of my father, Bill Belton, (William Arthur Belton) was taken in India at the mountain hospital where he was convalescing at the end of the war. Dad is at the front of the picture, smiling. All four lads are wearing their RAF forage caps.^

Bill Belton with his parents, Arthur and Edith

Here is my father again, this time he must be about 17 years old, with his father, Arthur Belton and his mother Edith (Edith Davies Williams). The picture is taken in the garden of 17 Wesley Road, Bwlchgwyn, but does not show their house.^

Bill and Harold Belton

At my wedding on 28th April 1984, my father, William Arthur Belton (known as Bill) and, on the right, his brother Harold.^

Harold, William Arthur and Horace Belton

On the back of this studio postcard-photograph it says "Harold, Horace and Baby" (William Arthur). Taken about 1921^

After the wedding reception at the Old Hall, Worsley

A crowd of Beltons (amongst other relatives) at our reception at the Old Hall, Worsley, 28 April 1984^

Jim, Barbara, David, Hilary and Bill. 28 April 1984
Jim Hartigan, Barbara Belton, David, Hilary, Bill Belton.^

Edith Davies Williams


Edith looks quite young in this picture, which was probably taken before she married Arthur Belton. I added the frame and the background as the picture was originally unframed in an album.

I think that Edith would have liked the choice of ornate frame as she always wore jewellery - from what I remember of the small cottage on Wesley Road, it was often quite dark and dismal so perhaps her fondness for jewellery was a bit of escapism? She had, after all, been in service in Southport and Ireland (possibly other places, too) before marrying.


A studio portrait of Edith Williams who married Arthur Belton. I don't know when this picture was taken or whether Edith was married at the time, but she looks quite young.^

Arthur and Edith at Rhyl

Edith and Arthur Belton walking along the Promenade at Rhyl (North Wales)^


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