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St Vincent De Paul's Church There are a lot of churches in Liverpool! Some are still in regular use, some look as if they are out of use and others have been converted to commercial use. This RC Church is on the corner of Upper Frederick Street (where Alexander Ralston lived in 1832) and stands like a sentinel overlooking the old houses and industries leading down to the city's southern docks. (Aug 2003)

The Queens, Upper Frederick Street. At one time the pubs and the churches were central to the local community but here, as all over the country, times have changed. Modern housing is much less dense than a hundred years ago, the thirst-making industries have gone and modern society provides a variety of ways for families to spend their leisure time; the casualty, very often, is the old traditional pub, left stranded in the wrong place as a monument to how things used to be.
St Vincent De Paul, Presbytery, corner Upper Frederick Street This picture was taken late in the evening and the setting sun was adding  a red glow to the brick built Presbytery on the corner of Upper Frederick Street. Even though the Ralston family married at St Nicholas, Church of England, all the churches and chapels in the area played some part in helping their congregations to cope with the harsh conditions, hard work and poverty that was Liverpool in the 19th century.
Warehouses and Industrial Buildings There are still some old warehouses near the southern docks (these are just across from St Vincent de Paul's church), generally they are unoccupied now, no longer suitable for modern industry. I wonder if they can be converted for modern use?

Old Warehousing near Upper Frederick Street In today's quiet, almost empty streets, they have an almost romantic look, evoking nostalgic thoughts of sailing ships, horses, carts, hoists and winches, sacks and barrels, streets full of people, corner shops and crowded pubs. Best not to think about the cholera, the crowded courts and the hungry children....

Although they are quiet now, these warehouses are the essence of 18th and 19th century Liverpool - international trade.

My mother being taken shopping by her mother (on the right) and her aunty Milly (on the left). The locations is either Church Street or Lord Street in Liverpool


, Toxteth

Arnott Street School, Walton-on-the-Hill

Arnot Street School in Walton, I don't think its appearance has changed much since the Ralston boys studied there c1900. (May 2004).

28 Rydal Street, Walton-on-the-Hill

28 Rydal Street, (May 2004), William and Janet Salthouse lived here from sometime before 1881 to sometime after 1894 with their children Alfred, Richard, Janet, John Braidwood, Lucy and William.

4 Ash Leigh, Walton-on-the-Hill

By 1901, William and Janet Salthouse and their children had moved to 4 Ash Leigh, off Walton Breck Road. Ash Leigh has almost completely disappeared to make way for a school, but maps show that most of the houses were quite large, and possibly very old, except for a row of four terraced houses. This picture shows all that is left of Ash Leigh - a small section of setts leading off Walton Breck Road to the right. I imagine that these houses on Walton Breck Road will be typical of the former adjacent properties.

This is Noel Street, off Lodge Lane in Liverpool 8. My uncle Doug (Harry Salthouse) lived about halfway along. The houses look lovely now, bricks all clean and new windows. It was different in the 1950's when there were houses both sides of the street and they all appeared to be black in colour. (To preserve the residents' privacy I have painted out some vehicles that were parked on the street, hence the rather strange doorsteps that I've created!)

Elaine Street, Liverpool 8

David Ralston and his children lived at 27 Elaine Street in 1881, . His son, John Alexander Ralston married Amelia Ellery  in 1890 and they lived in the next street, 31 Enid Street.

Liverpool waterfront, taken from the Maritime Museum, on 31 May 2004

Cross stitch your own picture of Liverpool Waterfront, from Millhouse Designs

The QE2 at Liverpool with one of the Mersey Ferry boats at its side acting as the passenger transfer ferry (summer 2004), picture taken from the Maritime Museum


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