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St Mary, Alderley and the Old School

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Alderley Mill

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Annie's Shop and Nether Alderley

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Around Alderley

Walking from the Church towards the main Macclesfield Road, this is the view of the Village Cottages. Annie's shop was accessed through the last of three porches - long gone - at the corner of the lane and the main road; it is likely that Lucy Walters and her family lived at this first cottage in the 1840-ish period. Originally this was one building, a new farm built for the Worthington family. B Hilary Hartigan 2009 ^
This is Annie's shop as it looked in the 1900s, at the front is the shop window and the letter box set into the wall, the shop door is just on the corner of Church Lane. This was a small village shop. It was never a Post Office, despite what some printers said on their postcards! B Hilary Hartigan 2009, from an old postcard. ^
On one of our visits to St Mary's Church we had been discussing with Brian Hobson our family connection with the little village shop opposite the mill. The next time we visited the Church Brian had found this - to us - priceless shop sign belonging to Annie Salthouse. The sign is usually on display at the open days at St Mary, Alderley. B Hilary Hartigan 2009 ^


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