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Liverpool Links - In Alphabetical Order


City of Liverpool http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/index.asp Links to modern Council services and to the city's archives and Mersey-Gateway projects









City Trail, 24 hour museum http://www.24hourmuseum.org.uk/liverpool/trails/TRA23450.html?ixsid=UYFxfLHt1Rw  For a quick architectural tour of Liverpool this really captures the flavour of the city

Lancashire bmd

www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/  A volunteer site that is gradually rolling out indexes of bmd for the county. The marriages section is particularly good. 

Liverpool 1825


This writer takes the part of an 1825 citizen of Liverpool to introduce his transcriptions of this 1825 Liverpool document. Very informed and entertaining, too!

Liverpool Ancestors http://liverpool-ancestors.co.uk/ Search the site for your ancestor's names, especially if they were buried at Anfield cemetery  

Liverpool FHS


Information about Liverpool and the records held by the LFHS


Liverpool history from Scottie Press


Based around Scotland Road in Liverpool, this website is full of information and pictures about Liverpool, especially the last 100 years. William Rathbone, Kitty Wilkinson and Agnes Jones are just three of many interesting people to look out for

Liverpool Museums http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/ From here I went to the archives section and searched the museum's catalogues, clicking on link after link can provide more detail than I expected.  

Liverpool Pictorial

http://www.liverpoolpictorial.co.uk/ A fantastic collection of views of Liverpool


Liverpool Poll Book 1832


This is part of the Liverpool Family History Society site and lists all the Liverpool residents eligible to vote in 1832

Liverpool's history for World Heritage Centre http://www.liverpoolworldheritage.com/ Liverpool's World Heritage Site.   
Liverpool Pilots Online http://www.liverpoolpilots.com/history.htm Includes history of shipping in Liverpool as well as history of the Liverpool Pilots.  
Ron's Liverpool http://members.aceweb.com/ronsmith/liverpool/intro.htm This page takes you to a list of pre-1900 Liverpool people - look out for the lady who saved Fort Lee! Lots of very readable information on Liverpool and its history.  
Merchant Navy Days http://www.m-navydays.com/newpages/ditty.htm This is the funniest site I've come across for ages, and so believable!  

Mersey Gateway

www.mersey-gateway.org/ For browsing through photographs and old illustrations of Liverpool, Mersey Gateway and Liverpool Pictorial are excellent. Mersey Gateway can be searched according to theme as well as location. (Click on the "Images Gallery" on the right edge of the screen) 

Merseyside Maritime Museum http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/maritime/index.aspx Direct link to the Maritime Museum  
Proudman Oceanographic Library http://www.pol.ac.uk/home/insight/mersey.html the marine science aspect of the Mersey  
Ron's Liverpool http://members.ispwest.com/ronsmith/liverpool/liv_19_c.htm This page takes you to a list of pre-1900 Liverpool people - look out for the lady who saved Fort Lee! Lots of very readable information on Liverpool and its history.
Thomas Steers http://www.mike.clarke.zen.co.uk/ThomasSteers.htm Mike Clarke's account of the life and works of Thomas Steers who began the tradition of dock building in Liverpool  
Time line of Liverpool's history http://www.lmu.livjm.ac.uk/lhol/content.aspx?itemid=347 Liverpool time line from 1172, great to read or for reference.  
Vauxhall Society (and Scotland Road area) http://www.vauxhallsociety.org.uk/Liverpool.html Excellent site about the history and eventual redevelopment of the Vauxhall Road area; Scotland Road and the Eldonian village and Kitty Wilkinson are all discussed.  

Please remember that the information on this website is only accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any of the information is relevant to your own research, please double-check the sources.

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