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Bwlchgwyn Weather 

Being the highest village in North Wales, we tend to get different weather conditions as well! When time allows I'll add some historical notes, but here is the weather as it happens.

17th July 2003

Following a short heatwave, completely dry weather and temperatures in the low 30's, the weather changed last night when the sky clouded over. At 9.00 am this morning it was already raining and the warm ground was creating a mist all over the village. Shortly afterwards the thunder and lightning started, rolling around the village until the afternoon. The rain was absolutely torrential, the water ran down the main road like a river and it was so deep on the pavement that it overflowed down the lane at the side of the house. Cae'r Adar Lane was under about 3 foot of water. The torrential rain lasted all afternoon and lessened to heavy rain in the evening, finally petering out at about 11.00 pm. According to the television news, the local town of Wrexham was flooded and friends said that there was no electricity supply to part of the Mold area. Coedpoeth (the next village downhill) saw some houses flooded and roads damaged by the flow of water; there were local floods on the Ffrwd, by the Holly Bush and in Llay.

10th August 2003.

After a few cooler days, when everyone declared that summer was over, that a few days of sun were all we could ever hope for in this country, the warm weather returned. By Monday 4th August the temperatures were soaring again. The hot weather continued until this morning when Sunday morning lie-ins were disturbed by rolls of thunder, flashes of lightning and rain. Yesterday's bright sunshine (though veiled by high, thin cloud or heat haze) which had given way at midnight to mistiness on the Wrexham bypass and on other low ground in the Cheshire gap, was replaced by the typical darkness of a thunderstorm. The relief from the hot air was very pleasant, though, and perhaps the indoor air will cool a little making the nights more comfortable.

22nd October 2003

This morning there was a dusting of snow over the village - it's not often we have snow in October!





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