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War Memorials, WW1 & WW2

Family and Friends

Bwlchgwyn War Memorial

Most families were touched in some way by the two World Wars. The links open individual memorial pages showing, as available, a copy of the Commonwealth & War Graves Commission Certificate and the serviceman's history.

This is a link to the Bwlchgwyn War Memorial Pages which has photographs of the memorial in the village as well as copies of the links to the individual servicemen and some information about each one (one exception).
William Brown of Bwlchgwyn,10 March 1915
Joseph Davies of Bwlchgwyn, 25 September 1915
Thomas Brown of Bwlchgwyn, 23 August 1915
William H Jones of Bwlchgwyn, 22 August 1916
Arthur Swinnerton of Liverpool, 25 September 1916
John W Jones of Bwlchgwyn, 2 March 1917
Edward W Jones of Bwlchgwyn, 6 May 1917
David I Jones of Bwlchgwyn, 7 July 1917
Isaac Williams of Bwlchgwyn, 1 August 1917
Edward T James of Bwlchgwyn, 24 September 1917
Herbert Potts of Nether Alderley,22 March 1918
John Belton of Minera, 22 March 1918
George Williams of Bwlchgwyn, 6 April 1918
Hugh O Edwards of Bwlchgwyn, 8 October 1918
Robert T Jones of Bwlchgwyn, 13 November 1918
Wilfred Belton of Bwlchgwyn, 10 September 1942
Wynne Williams of Bwlchgwyn, 7 July 1944
David Mullaugh of Salford, 16 December 1944

Family Connections and, below,  Bwlchgwyn War Memorial

John Belton

John Belton of Minera died of his wounds in France in WW1. He was the son of Thomas and Ann Belton of Minera

CWGC Hermes Hill

Wilfred T. Belton

Wilfred Thomas Belton, from Bwlchgwyn, was killed on an RAF operational mission over Germany in WW2. Wilf was the son of Mr and Mrs William Belton of 8, Wesley Road, Bwlchgwyn.

David Mullaugh

David Mullaugh of Salford was killed on an RAF operational mission over Belgium in WW2. He was the son of Patrick Mullaugh and Jane Ann (Renshaw) of Ordsall, Salford,

Herbert E. Potts

Herbert Potts died of his wounds in France in WW1, he was the son of Lucy (Salthouse) and Edward Potts of Nether Alderley, Cheshire.

Arthur Swinnerton

Arthur Swinnerton was killed in the Battle of the Somme in France in WW1. Arthur was the brother of Edith Swinnerton who married David Ralston in Liverpool.


Bwlchgwyn War Memorial

These links are also on the Bwlchgwyn War memorial page which has pictures of the war memorial in the village and information, where available, about the servicemen.

Wilfred T Belton, RAF

William Brown, KLR

Thomas Brown, RWF

Joseph Davies, RWF

Hugh O Edwards, RWF

Edward T James, RWF

David I Jones, MGC

Edward W Jones, RWF

John W Jones, RWF

Memorial to John W Jones CWGC

Robert T Jones, RWF

William H Jones, Chesh Regt

Memorial to William H Jones

George Williams, RWF

Isaac Williams, SWB

Wynne Williams, RE


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